Why PG Medical is preferred over Medical PG Diploma?Aug 16, 2018

MBBS is a comprehensive Degree that calibrates the holder’s medical and clinical skills for a worldwide exposure. MBBS is a multifaceted yardstick that regularizes the holder’s diverse career objectives for a definable future. Each MBBS holder has the supreme freedom to become a legit medical practitioner or opt for a set of more expandable choices. What most obviously falls under the category called ‘’Choices after MBBS’’ is Postgraduate Medical Courses.

PG Medical courses after MBBS are an imminent option for the PG Aspirants inclined to individualize their career objectives. The extendable PG disciplines after MBBS are indicative of how the MBBS Graduates can comply with the predictable availabilities and prepare themselves relevantly. The advisory committees like MCI have a list of consolidative PG medical courses which the MBBS Graduates can opt for.

The MBBS Graduates are free to recompile what they anticipate from their professional fronts. The MBBS Graduates aiming at becoming a practitioner in the near future generally opt for the PG Medical Diploma courses. It’s advisable for the MBBS Graduates looking out for the career options abroad to concentrate on extensive PG Medical courses such as MD or MS. The candidates willing to practice medicine in the metropolitan cities should also give a quick thought to MD or MS.

Majority of Medical PG Diploma & promissory MS or MD courses span across a couple of years. Most of the PG Diploma Medical Courses take 2 years to complete. The comprehensive MD or MS in India, however, takes 3 years. The PG Medical aspirants have a huge variety of choices that redefine the ways a MBBS graduate can cleverly reiterate their favorite studies. Both government and private medical colleges in Karnataka offer various PG Diploma and PG Medical Courses.

PG Medical Admissions are a subject to the aspirants’ choices and inclination. MD in India is like a more disciplinary approach towards the clinical excellence. The MS or MD courses completed in the reputable medical colleges / institutes endow the pupil with extensible acumens. MD or MS in India is a reliable way to insightfully peruse a variety of inescapably important factors such as increase in the pollution, possibility of upsurge in the infectivity of certain ailments, morbidities and co-morbidities to name a few.

The PG Medical Degrees (MS or MD) double the chances of introducing the practitioners to the depths of clinical knowledge. PG Medical courses offer an emblem that brands the practitioner viable enough to look out for Super-Specialty options independently. The Research Opportunities during MS / MD are more as compared to any of the PG Diploma Medical Courses.

The points that render PG Medical Degree different from PG Medical Diploma are as below:

Both PG Medical Degrees and PG Diploma are interweaved actively with a variety of additives such as Medical Audits, Health Economics, Health Information Systems and Exposures to Human Behavior Studies to name a few. However, a few differences render PG Medical Degree different from that of PG Medical Diploma.


  1. The primary syllabus for PG Medical Degree Courses involves comprehensive modules of Involvement through Research Studies.
  1. The PG Diploma, however, involves group discussions and active participation in Clinical and Clinical – Pathological Conferences.
  1. The syllabus for the PG Medical Degree is categorized primarily into 2 main sections which are ‘Basic Medical Sciences’ and ‘Clinical Disciplines’.
  1. PG Medical Degrees include Allied Clinical Specialties whereas PG Medical Diploma Courses primarily facilitate Practical Training to handle independently manageable Ailments.
  1. M.Ch. programs under PG Medical Degree involve advanced diagnostic, therapeutic and laboratory techniques in abidance with the specializations.

The advantageous features of PG Medical (MD / MS) over PG Diploma are as follows:


  • Wise Men Learn Twice:

The MD / MS holders can go ahead to successfully establish themselves as the nascent healthcare practitioners. The additional advantage for the MD / MS holders is to become a faculty member. Being a faculty member is as prestigious as being a reputable medical practitioner in a metropolitan city. Most of the recognizable medical colleges emphasize over appointing the MS / MD holders as their key lecturer / faculty member. 


  • Preferential leverage:

The MD / MS holders have a preferential leverage. It has been an apparent fact that MD / MS holders will attain more exposure in a multinational healthcare company / multispecialty hospital. The people having pursued MD / MS get preferred even across the metropolitan cities where most precincts are interleaved with educated / inquisitive humankinds.


  • Occupational Expandability:

The research conductivity throughout the studentship in an MD / MS program is the most important facet to consider. Most experts tend to agree and confirm that the MD / MS holders are capable of transforming their occupation into the opportunistic tractions such as Medical Entrepreneurship. The extensive MD / MS programs are a more intensive option to programmatically delve into the physiological facts and pathological facades. The people having pursued MD / MS can go ahead to be a Medical Entrepreneur too.


  • Promotional Chances:

MD / MS are more recommendable for the people wanting their career to culminate into the highest designations at a reputable institute. The famous medical setups/ colleges renowned for their institutional wisdom prefer the people having completed their MD / MS. The Diploma holders are eligible to become a Senior Resident. The MD / MS holders can witness that their career is sprawling across a promotional ladder of designations like Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor and Director Professor.


More than 40 recognizable Medical Colleges in Karnataka tend to welcome the MD / MS aspirants. It’s a renowned fact that The Medical Colleges in India have outnumbered the Medical Colleges in the other parts of the world. The MD / MS aspirants willing to study in a metropolitan city are advised to prefer Bangalore. Medical Colleges in Bangalore are highly receptive and reputable. PG Medical Entrance depends directly upon the score / merit of the candidate in the prerequisite (NEET PG).