St. John’s Medical College, the medical college founded and consecrated under the aegis of tens of responsible bigwigs, recently completed the first round of NEET cutoff process for the academic year 2018. The college follows the procedure standardized and permitted by the advisory councils like MCC and MCI. The college witnessed active participation of the competent medical aspirants willing to secure the medical seats. The process in the first round of NEET Cutoff 2018 became complete with various candidates becoming the securers of the seats based on their merit and preferences. 


St .Johns Medical College, KEA MBBS Allotment 2018- 1st Round Cutoff Rank: Private, NRI and Others 

Category GMP OTH RC2 RC3 RC4 RC5 RC6 RC7 RC8 RC9
Rank 25700 5955 224100 268858 212460 94964 56626 77720 14633 -


St. John’s Medical College categorically sets the Roman Catholic medical aspirants and allots the seats to them based on their merits. The college becomes accountable to the advisory committees and councils and reports the hitherto to the councils based on the updates and possible changes. The college will rethink its seat allotment strategies & progressively permit more candidates to contend for the seats during the next cutoff round. 

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