Kasturba Medical College, a tribute to clinical & medical modernism was founded in the year 1953 with the aim to epitomize worldrnclass educational facilities in India. The college is prominent for being the first medical college in the private sector in India to prolifically rely on its own finances. The groundwork of Kasturba Medical College has transformed today into nascent greenery that outsources qualified doctors with assertive mindset.

The modern & classiest facilities at the college add loads of conductivity to the medical academia. Kasturba Medical College has become an ordinance of educational excellence. The college has become a qualitative rendezvous for the students of various nationalities. Kasturba Medical College is a tribute to the finest architectural buildups across the globe. The students take pride in being in ambient vicinities of Kasturba Medical College (KMC) for the professional & salubrious outlook the college tends to confer them.

The college has become a storehouse of nascent opportunities to learn innovative marvels specifically for the foreign students opting for elective transfers at KMC. Apart from being duly recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI), the KMC is recognized by the General Medical Council of Great Britain, Malaysian Medical Council & Australian Medical Council. KMC takes delight in its pristine collaborations with national & international universities of magnificent standards.

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The founders completed the groundwork of the academic Hospital in May 1961 with 150 beds which phenomenally became an asylum to 2032 beds. The modernistic machinery & ultramodern facilities at the hospital are its tributaries simplifying the workload of both staff & the patients. A Cancer Research hospital is cuddled adjacent to the main hospital housing 280 beds. The super-special surgeries at the hospital encourage the students to successfully emulate the skills & become the volunteers of their own finesse.

The college adheres to strict guidelines while granting seats to the Medical Aspirants. The candidate willing to pursue MBBS at the college must pass NEET & successfully appear for the counseling session conducted by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). The NRI Candidates / Aspirants are mandated to secure a valid rank in NEET. The aspirants must stay updated with the website to ensure procedural candidature & admission into the programs at KMC. Equivalence Certificate promptly granted by the ‘Association of Indian Universities’ is compulsory for the foreign candidates and / or the candidates with foreign qualifications.

The college also has Postgraduate programs including MD, MS and MSC programs and Certificate Diploma programs. The candidates / aspirants must fulfill the requisite criteria to ensure their admission into the relevant program. The candidate must stay updated with the website to garner relevant information on admissions into a variety of programs. 

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