MS Ramaiah Medical College, also known as Ramaiah Medical College, is a premier domicile that has affirmatively transformed the medical aspirants into the proactive healers of the modern clinical realm. The college was established in the year 1962 with intents to complete the healthcare lore with a competitive touchstone. The college has successfully consolidated the guild of procreative learners with its willingness to transcend the present limits. The innovational success & impressive approaches of MS Ramaiah Medical College have manifested in the form of a coven of experts actively involved in the multifaceted healthcare sector.

The college is equipped with the most sought after style of classrooms, magnificent laboratories & the educational climate coupled with a zestful technology. The teachers & specialists involved in teaching the viable innards of the medical science ceaselessly inspire the students & encourage their active engagements in productive studentship. The college takes delight in engaging people through collaborations & trials. The doctors in the college have emerged as the inspirational human kinds serving all the layers of the society zealously & tirelessly. 

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The college offers a variety of MD / MS & PG Diploma courses alongside a super competitive MBBS. The college facilitates most ideal environment for effectual education through the inter-institutional collaborations. The students receive pivotal opportunities to access the most modernistic simulation labs at the Ramaiah Advanced Center. The NABH accredited hospital of the college grants extraordinary exposure to become a practitioner compliant to the ultramodern healthcare realm. The college takes optimum efforts in order to reach all layers of the society & visibly understand each of their health concerns.

The college adheres to strict guidelines while granting seats to the Medical Aspirants. The candidate willing to pursue MBBS at the college must pass NEET & successfully appear for the counseling session conducted by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). The NRI Candidates / Aspirants are mandated to secure a valid rank in NEET. The aspirants must stay updated with the website to ensure procedural candidature & admission into various programs at MS Ramaiah Medical College. Equivalence Certificate promptly granted by the ‘Association of Indian Universities’ is compulsory for the foreign candidates and / or the candidates with foreign qualifications. 

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