PG Medical Admission Procedure for AIQ by Medical Counseling CommitteeAug 25, 2018

Medical Counseling Committee (MCC) adheres to the rules and regulations of the centralized advisory committees to hold counseling and allot seats to the appropriate candidates having qualified NEET PG. MCC is responsible for verifying the candidature authentically and subsequently allowing the candidates to get the seats across top Government / Private medical colleges in India.

The qualification in NEET PG inclines the aspirant to get admission in top medical colleges in India. MCC facilitates several steps of Counseling that include systematic allotment of seats to the candidates. The ultimate seat allotment to the candidate depends upon the willingness of the candidate and the decisions of both candidate as well as MCC. The candidate can either report to the college allotted during the first round of MCC Counseling or participate in the 2nd round of counseling.

MCC expects the candidates to stiffly abide by its norms and regulations. MCC holds the rights to invalidate the candidature of a candidate if the candidate becomes unable to fulfill the requisite criteria. MCC complies with the highest standards of integrity to ensure timely and uninterruptible supply of qualified candidates. MD / MS in India are of cardinal importance as they involve dozens of critical procedures.

MD in India advocates the concept of restructuring the available cluster of clinical wisdoms for a higher remedial accuracy. Medical PG is a discipline that expects utmost dedication from the students. MCC assumes no responsibility for the reassurance of the seats to the candidates unable to maintain their attendance throughout their selectable steps. MCC, therefore, administers the rules and regulations that make it a mandate for the candidate to stay updated with the latest developments. MCC releases the notices in abidance with the norms and procedures of the advisory / administrative committees.

Note: The Admission Procedures in MCC may go through several phases which are subjected to change. They are also based on the committee’s decision.  

Here we study the Standard steps involved in PG Medical Admission Procedure in Medical Counseling Committee:

Step 1:

The qualified candidates are required to log on to the official website of MCC and follow the instructions carefully.

Step 2:

The outset witnesses the preliminary processes whereupon the candidate registers, opts for the submission of choices and verifies indicative seat allotment. The candidate is allowed here to alter or modify the seats based on his / her preferences. MCC permits the candidate here to lock the seat based on his / her preferences.

Step 3:

The candidates in agreement can go ahead and ensure punctuality while reporting to the allotted institute / college.

Step 4:

The candidates having agreed for the further rounds of counseling and the candidates who haven’t received any seats during the first round can follow the process below:

Note: The 2nd round of MCI Counseling will regularize the newly added seats alongside the seats available after the conversion of the vacant seats.

  • The candidates become liable to apply for the fresh choices.
  • The agreement during the submission of first choice becomes void.
  • The candidates should apply for the fresh choices in order to appear for the 2nd or subsequent round.
  • MCC observes the courtesy to notify the candidates appearing for the 2nd round of counseling that they are ineligible to vacate the seats after they opt for the 2nd round of counseling.
  • The candidates can become liable here to opt for fresh choices.
  • The candidates can opt for the changes whereupon they are permitted to view / check, alter and lock their choices.
  • MCC allots appropriate seats to the candidates who have successfully appeared for the 2nd round of counseling.
  • It’s recommendable that the candidates should report to the college on the right time as the inability of the candidates to report to the college may be rendered discourteous and void.


The second round of MCC counseling marks the official end of the All India Quota (AIQ).  MCC reserves the rights to conduct the mop up round if and as necessary. The conduction of the mop up round, however, involves the transfer of the vacant seats to the State Quota. Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) generally assumes the responsibility to conduct and complete the mop up rounds meticulously.

The steps in the mop up round are same as those involved in the AIQ counseling. The candidates can apply for the seats based on their preferences. Candidates can lock their seats. The candidates can follow the published results. The candidates may subsequently contact the college authorities for the completion of the necessary formalities. The subsequent process involves the transfer of the seats to the Deemed Universities for the final mop up. It’s mandatory for the candidates to follow the last date to join the institute / college.