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PG Medical Admission Procedure in Karnataka Examination AuthorityAug 22,2018

The PG Medical Admission Procedure in Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) aims at maintaining its constancy in terms of outsourcing qualified experts to the world of strategized Healthcare Setups. The PG Medical Education in Karnataka is largely formulized by the concurrent PG Medical Exams; specifically NEET PG. The NEET PG 2019 will maintain its examinational and observatory disciplines aesthetically to supply verified candidates.

Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) will play a pivotal role subsequent to the completion of NEET PG 2019 in its procedural endeavors to verify candidatures and allot seats based on the preferential formats and availability. KEA adheres disciplinarily to the seat matrix of various PG Medical colleges in Karnataka. KEA subsequently designates appropriate seats to the candidates with a verified candidature.

KEA observes a stringent set of rules to ensure that the PG Medical aspirants are following each step responsibly and aesthetically throughout the admission procedures. KEA follows categorically set patterns to confirm the timely and uninterruptible provision of qualified aspirants with suitable candidacies. KEA takes into consideration the rural and metropolitan healthcare needs and the differential diagnosis and therefore takes the rotational internships into due consideration prioritizing them as a mandate.

Here we study the KEA Medical procedure gradually:

KEA PGET Notification:

Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) officially releases its notification for the candidates eligible for various PG Medical Courses (programs) in Government / Private Medical Colleges in Karnataka. The PG Entrance Test Committee Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA) officially welcomes the applications every year from the candidates having qualified for the NEET PG Exams. The candidates having fulfilled the criteria become liable to apply for the seats in their preferable PG medical colleges in Karnataka.

KEA NEET PG Introductory Details:

The KEA PG NEET Counseling takes place generally through both online and offline mode. KEA advices each candidate to responsibly study and understand each process involved in the counseling procedure to avoid occasional or unexpected inconveniences. It’s further recommendable for the candidates to always stay updated about the latest developments in the procedures of counseling. The Helpline through phone or via email remains active all throughout the tenure of counseling.

The appearance and successful attainment of cutoff marks or above predisposes the candidates to get the appropriate seat based on the suitability of their candidature. However, the procedural seat allotment depends upon the successful completion of the registration involving document verification. The candidates who fulfill the criteria aptly become eligible for the seat allotment in the Government / Private PG Medical colleges in Karnataka.

Steps involved in KEA NEET PG Counseling:


  • Candidates willing to appear for the counseling can apply through the official website of KEA.
  • KEA subsequently uploads the Information Bulletin targeted at raising and maintaining awareness and updates about the latest developments in the counseling procedure.
  • It’s mandatory for the candidates to ensure their compliance with the instructions in the website / changes.
  • KEA generally mandates the important documents for references like at least 2 printouts of the successfully completed online application, Receipt of the fee payment and 2 passport size photographs same as the one uploaded in the application.


  • The seat allotment is generally divided as below:
  1. 100% seats in Government Colleges
  2. 33% seats in Private Non-Minority Colleges
  3. 20% seats in Private Minority (Religious and Linguistic) Colleges


  • The candidates are requested to follow the clauses to check their suitability for the seats wherein they can become liable to avail the appropriate Government seats and private seats.
  • The candidates belonging to the Religious Minority and / or Linguistic Minority are required to furnish the relevant details.
  • The candidates are obliged to furnish and submit the mandatory documents whereas the documents as per the various clauses must be submitted appropriately.
  • KEA recommends the mandatory preservation of the application forms throughout the process of counseling to ensure processional completion.
  • Candidates are obliged to ensure their espousal to the personal attendance throughout the process of document verification to maintain the sincerity throughout the same.
  • Candidates will have to appear for the consecutive rounds of seat allotments as suggested by the immediate advisor / authorized invigilator to ensure the procedural completion.
  • The candidates are hereby notified that the order of seat allotment may differ in each round and the sincere attention of each candidate is advisable throughout the process.
  • The candidates willing to surrender the allotted seat must surrender it preferably prior to the formalities of the second round.
  • The candidates are also notified that the inability of the candidate to report to the college / institute on the mentioned date is considered void and may also attract fine / penalty.

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