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New Branches available in medical PG Diploma coursesAug 29,2018

PG Medical Diploma is a stream that recompiles the rudimentary healthcare disciplines in a sophistical attempt to formalize timely diagnosis and subsequent relief. Medical colleges in India are becoming increasingly receptive to a variety of PG Medical programs. Medical PG programs allow the MBBS Graduates to regroup their ambitions and transform them into a prolific reality; both professionally and substantially.

Medical PG Diploma is a program that takes swift yet symptomatic insights into various specializations. Medical PG Diploma is most suitable for the MBBS Graduates who want to excel as a practitioner in the very near future. PG Medical Diploma reignites the existent wisdom for a heightened level of clinical and remedial applicability. Various PG Medical Diploma programs are in their evolutionary phase at present.

Being a platform with applicative dynamics suited to instant effectuation, more and more medical colleges in Karnataka are extending their support to PG Medical Diploma courses. It’s obvious that population and pollution are directly proportional to each other. Each year surprises the world with one or the other breakthroughs and also diseases. Each disease has its morbidities and differential diagnosis.

PG Medical is a set of disciplines that promise to address morbidities in a rather convenient and targeted way. The PG Medical Diploma holders gain the sovereignty to administer various remedial and surgical procedures that are multidirectional. The procedures are also intricate in nature and are the best way to ensure managerial cures to various ailments, morbidities, syndromes, differential diagnoses.


Here we study the new branches available in PG Medical diploma Discipline:

  • Diploma in Diabetology:

Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 is common nowadays across the globe. Sedentary lifestyle and dispositional heredity are the main reasons behind its pathogenesis. Diploma in Diabetology is a centralized approach towards the pathogenesis and topical / modular treatments of Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 and Type 2. The branch etiologically redefines the disease and takes optimum efforts to conventionalize the treatment of Diabetes.


  • Diploma in Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion:

Diploma in Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion; a multidisciplinary stream of PG Medical aims at detailing the processes ranging from medical strategies to the synthesis of blood components and their successful preservation. The stream redirects the MBBS holder’s prowess towards the adeptness at regulatory norms and critical patient care. The stream administers the systematic usage of blood components and their clinical usage for an evolutionary approach towards the healthcare.


  • Diploma in Occupational Health:

Occupational Health and the disciplines administering its topical analyses are of paramount importance in a nation like India. Occupational hazards are downsized after the firms began observing the enhanced level occupational safety and security. However, the nationwide setups inescapably require a set of preventive dynamics promising an advanced level of safety and satiety. Diploma in Occupational Health confides in the available and derivable set of dictions and doctrines dedicated to better the occupational health.


  • Diploma in Radiation Medicine:

Radiation Medicine is a branch that advocates the usage of various radiations in the multifaceted world of remedial therapies. It’s established and applied all over the world that the Ionized Radiations treat a broad range of diseases symptomatically. Diploma in Radiation Medicine aims at acclimatizing the world of Palliative Healthcare apart from Remedial Healthcare. It shapes the Diploma holder to utilize the best of his adaptive skills to effectively treat the diseases using the radiological wisdoms.


  • Diploma in Medical Virology:

Medical Virology is the branch that revolves primarily around the administrative usage of various disciplines such as Molecular Biology, Serology, Cellular Culture and Biochemistry to name a few. Medical Virology fosters the disciplinary usage of the above streams to methodologically characterize the viruses involved in the pathogeneses of diseases. Medical virologists are welcomingly employed across noteworthy hospitals, research centers, pharmaceutical companies and organizations dedicated to inventing indicative cures.


  • Diploma in Hospital Administration:

Diploma in Hospital Administration fosters the growth and expansion of administrative skills in the pursuers. It’s a program wherein the guidance and academics sharpen the students to handle the administrative functions at the hospitals. Healthcare setups and hospitals are becoming increasingly populous with industrialization and globalization running high. The academics in the program focus mainly on the subjects such as Finance, Accounts, Human Resource Management (HR Management) and Hospital Laws to name a few.


  • Diploma in Allergy and Clinical Immunology:

This specialty incorporates the extensible analyses of various topics on allergic (Hypersensitive) reactions and aberrations in the Immune function. The academic clusters primarily include detailing of immune functions, autoimmunity, deviant immune reactions and their root causes. The subject also includes cellular malignancies and a range of diseases to which immune reactions contribute in one way or the other. The subject takes deep insights into the causes of allergic reactions and hypersensitivity towards certain ingredients, medicines, environment and other occasional factors.

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